About FarmBox Films

FarmBox Films is a product of our passion for the performing arts and storytelling. We have been active in front of the lens for years and that passion has grown to include working behind the lens. As a film company we strive to capture your thoughts and dreams the way you want to remember them. From live events to scripted creations, we want to make your story come to life.


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About Jock Hiltz

Jock’s love of film and television started at a very young age, when he seemed more captivated by commercials than for the actual show. He got his start doing background work as a teenager and, after pairing up with Luke Conrad in the mid 2000’s, doing parody music and YouTube videos. The pair quickly made a name for themselves by being comically rejected from any reality show possible. This on-camera passion spilled over to a passion for being behind the lens as well. Years of being on set as a performer have allowed Jock to learn the craft of filmmaking in a way that gives him an advantage as a cinematographer and editor.


About Luke Conrad

Saying the colored blocks before the Saturday morning cartoons were the building blocks for Luke’s passion for animation is an understatement. From the moment he saw his first Disney movie he knew he had to be not only an animator, but also a storyteller. Winning countless awards in high school, and getting to meet the Queen through his art only concreted this dream. Luke realized his dream in 2003 after starting Cartoon Conrad Inc. Since then, his passion for storytelling has only grown. Luke and Jock is another brand Luke embarked upon out of his passion to create, which allows him to stay active outside of cartoon land and hang out on both sides of the camera.


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About Luke and Jock

Luke and Jock started as a creative outlet for two people working a 9 to 5. Writing parody music is where their path lead them which resulted in the duo appearing on 14 reality shows including: Canadian Idol, American Idol, Dragons Den, So You Think You Can Dance. This quickly rolled over into Luke and Jock hosting their own comedy adventure show, Nova Scotia Revealed. Luke and Jock is a creative space for the pair to just be themselves. This path has allowed them to travel all over North America, win awards at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival and partner with YouTube. lukeandjock.com



About Cartoon Conrad Productions Inc.

Cartoon Conrad Productions Inc. is a sister company to Farmbox Films and a well-established boutique animation house that has been thriving since 2003. Luke Conrad has built it to be a respected company both locally and abroad; producing content second to none in both series television and full feature. After spending 10 years as a service studio they stepped out and created a series of very popular original animated ebooks. Having a film and animation studio working under the same roof allows for the team to offer some unique products to their clients. cartoonconrad.com

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